"Voodoo" / "I Run To You" (Ending Credits)

"The View"

"Thrill bound"

"New Rage"

"Gun Guns Guns"

"I'm Alive"




"Those great big ... (memories)"

"She Is All I Ever Wanted"


"Cutting Through"

"Sweet Rock Candy"


Music for RockRobin was either licensed or used under Creative Commons. This is a listing of the most requested songs from the game.

Bensound - "Better Days" / "Tomorrow"

Bjorn Lynn - "Ambient Singularity" / "Traveling Nowhere" / "Bang the Bass"

Ilya Kaplan - "I Will Do Anything For You"

Jahazzar - "Servants" / "F.O" / "Liar" / "Scenes from the Zoo"

jlbrock44 - "Blue Like Venus" / "Funky Nurykabe"

VJ Memes - "Everybody Dances for Food...one way or another"

ramblinglibrarian - "Dollheads"

Fireproof Babies - "Good Night Love"

cdk - "Silence Await"

Admiral Bob - "The Broken" / "Slinky Blues" / "3 Strings Down, 6 Strings Up!"

Alex Beroza  - "Improvisation On Friday"

Pitx - "Bye Bye 2010"

Syenta  - "Sentiment d'amour"

timberman - "Give me some words"

Dynamedion - "Keep it Cool"

grapes - "I Dunno"