Simple and transparent to draw attention to the background texture. Works best with larger resolutions because of the amount of space the glow around the boxes take up.


  • Basic Skin - Nothing incredibly fancy or complex went into the making of this skin. It covers all the default aspects of Ren'Py default skin and rearranged the widgets to work better together, but doesn't do much more than that.
  • Widescreen - The design was tested at 1280x720 resolution, but it should be responsive to any resolution you choose.
  • Complete - All buttons and scrollbars are included.

How to Install

If you are starting a new game, you can download the "Complete Ren'Py Project" file.

If you are adding this skin to an existing game, it is recommend you download the "Skin Only" file.

Complete Ren'Py Project

  1. Download the "Complete Ren'Py Project" file and unzip it to anywhere on your hard drive.
  2. Move the entire folder that is unzipped to your Ren'Py folder. The folder will act as a game folder now.
  3. Open up Ren'Py and select the folder's name from the project list.
  4. You should now be able to edit the code and the files as if it were a Ren'Py game!

Skin Only

This method will overwrite any files of the same name within your current project. It is highly recommended that you make a back up of your original project folder before installing this skin.

  1. Download the "Skin Only" file and unzip it to anywhere on your hard drive.
  2. Drop all of the files that extracted (should include a folder with images named "GUI", screens.rpy, and template_name.rpy) and move them to your existing Ren'Py game folder. Must be placed immediately within the folder called "game".
  3. If it asks you if you want to overwrite any files, say yes. If you have accidentally replaced a file during this process, retrieve the file from a back-up and rename it.

If you have made any changes to the screens.rpy file, make sure to transfer them over to the new screens.rpy file after installation.

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