• Ishara: Bane of the Seas

    Become washed away with Ishara on an action adventure to reclaim a ship that was stolen from her. The only catch is that she must suffer with either her hated twin sister or her sister's deceptive fiancé. Read More
  • Win The Game

    You wake up on a remote island with a weapon and a message to "win the game." Fight for your life against your fellow students in this murder game inspired by Battle Royale & The Hunger Games. Read More
  • RockRobin

    Create a band, rock the world, maybe fall in love. RockRobin is an otome rock band simulation game that follows a punk rocker grrl named Robin. Manage stats, release albums, get equipment, and don't forget to rock! Read More
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New Website & Forum

Welcome to the new home of Happy Backwards!

Or as I call it for short, HappyB. Many folks were messaging me, trying to look for the demo files to my projects, and I figured it's probably about time I recover the website from the depths of the internet. Bad server juju ate the previous site (malicious spam, spyware, etc) and put me off from making a new one. But instead of creating a website just for RockRobin, I decided to make a site that features all of our games! Past, present and future.

I'm still working on the site, so please be patient. Let me know of any problems by emailing me, maselphie at gmail dot com.