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RockRobin - January Update

Ammy's WIP for widescreen main menu.

Ammy's WIP for widescreen main menu.

State of the Game

Story Mode is complete. There's only a couple scenes that need scripting because I wasn't sure if I wanted to put them in the game. In the end, I decided to include them, but to trim them down. They're mostly pertaining to Sterling and it's for the best, trust me. While the story and scenes are complete, I have to make sure that the scenes all appear when they're supposed to. The game isn't short and I'm trying to test different game difficulties at the same time and I want to read everything to catch any typos - so it's taking me some time just to call any branch "complete."

Several characters in Open-Ended Mode are complete, but unfortunately not all of them. So, we are going to release the game as "early access" and filter in the characters through future updates. Characters that are mostly done and you could expect to be released first are Faust, Collin, The Blue Rose, and Emma. After them, probably Wizz, Claudette, Jammy, and Alessandro. To be clear, all the characters will available if you've unlocked them, it's their story/romances that I'm talking about. I'll be testing open mode while testers will be doing Story Mode, so open mode will be disabled until I finish.

To thank our donators and contributors, we will be including light "Premium Content" fluff stuff that can be accessed by entering in a cheat code. I don't like limiting content and donations won't be opening back up any time soon (are you kidding? I feel so guilty about the last time we took donations!) so if you ask really nicely, draw fanart or something, I'll give you the code. :) It's just a way to say "thank you" to people who did more than they needed to. The restriction will probably go away after a while, because, as I said, I don't like the idea of limiting content, even if I think it's inconsequential.

The game will release as 800x600. We may transition to a widescreen resolution in time, but trying to do so now would put the release off even more. This sucks. I know it sucks. The game should've been released back when that resolution was even remotely acceptable, but we got to focus on just releasing the game at the moment.

New Features


Repeat Button

While testing, I felt there were too many clicks to simply repeat last week's band actions, so I added a new button to the daily planner.


Premium Content: 8 New Band Logos

7 new band logos were added to the logo screen, if you have premium content activated. They each appear in one color: white, black, green, blue, purple, red, yellow and orange and have a unique style.


Premium Content: Cheat Sheet

While cheats are available in the game to everybody, players with premium content can access a quick list of them all in the Help screen (located on the main menu).


Band Chibis

Thanks to Solry for finishing the band chibis (drawn by Starling)! They look amazing!

Each chibi includes 5 instrument skins (3 for vocalists). You can purchase 4 skins in game and there's a default skin that represents the original gear they bring with them to the band. The skins aren't purely superficial, as there are benefits to using higher grade equipment.



Game Difficulties & Other Settings

To customize your experience, you can adjust the game's difficulty and the game's speed. Easy, Normal, and Hard.

Difficulty affects the following:

  • How much a stat raises on successful training
  • How quickly you can write songs
  • The chance of a stat lowering when training other skills or resting
  • Amount the stat lowers if it does lower
  • Amount of relationship points that are lowered when you "stress out" a band member
  • How much your CDs sell
  • How much popularity, cash and quality standards there are for gigs
  • How much recording songs, releasing CDs and advertising costs

You can still set the difficulty for the gig mini-game separately. (Off, Easy, Hard)

The game speed refers to how long in between days (beats/ticks/whatever you want to call it). So if you feel the band management screen goes by too fast, you can slow the progression down to digest each day better. Or speed it up, like I do.


Closed testing for RockRobin will start soon. We are on the look out for testers who will actually test the game. I'm talking only a handful of people. These people must actually report bugs and test the game, not just play it. We're looking internally at the moment, but if we don't find what we're looking for, we will open up application for the positions.

As always, thank you for being so patient and awesome. <3