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0.80 Released

Patch Notes:
- Wizz Added
- Previews of Dallas, Beau and Emmitt epilogues
- Added Electronic Rock genre (Premium Content)
- You can add Xander to your band but without story (Premium Content)
- Break up phone scene for Dallas, Beau and Emmitt if you romance someone else
- There's now an option to delay the AMPs if the game detects you may fail your path
- Major issues with the Memorabilia not unlocking should hopefully be fixed
- The gig timer is now represented by a bar rather than a number
- Band members with low stress will add extra time for the minigame timer
- Your minigame score now adds bonuses to your setlist score and spectacle score
- Messed around with how the gig score is tallied based on time left, so it's now possible to score higher
- Switched sounds for the final prompt when band members refuse to play for gigs
- Fixed bug of classic songs not showing full popularity in gig final screen
- Darkened some char gig tiles to match the rest
- Matching the clock tiles in the minigame will give you extra time
- Raised the affection point increase by a lot for buying the most expensive gifts (cars, etc)
- Fixed Robin's chibi in Open Mode not showing ponytail
- The add button will now tell you if someone doesn't like your genre enough to not join
- Changed "established history" to "established romance" in the Open Mode selector screen
- Faust's scenes should unlock in the Memorabilia now and his romance achievement
- Fixed Robin's sprite not wearing Rose's outfit when they switch clothes, and other graphical errors
- The intro where Robin briefs the player on Sebastian for "Some Scenes" Open Mode now only happens once
- Removed the stat bar at the top of the screen for Beau's "Date game" scene.
- Giving Seth and Owen gifts now raises their relationship points
- Typos


THE WIZZ! Woo! He was a blast to write and I still laugh at some of the interactions he has with Robin. Wizz was invented by Chansel. She wrote his general premise, a lot of band chats and a few scenes. The ladies of HappyB love him, but your mileage may differ. He's not for everyone, but I tried to tone him down (or up) based on your interactions with him. I felt his romance scenes differed enough from the not-romance ones to give them their own slot in Memorabilia. So if you complete his path and see 2 empty slots on his page, it may just be the other version.


Epilogue previews!! Oh boy did you guys make me feel like crap for not releasing them. I'm sorry. In my mind, their romances always had more to it, but if I don't share that story, then what is the point? I wanted to release them last because I wanted to give them a lot of attention (and they're not complete, just outlined). So I've included previews of the continuations. There will be a little prompt that comes up that says the preview is over. Dallas has 2 long scenes at the beginning only, Emmitt has 4 scenes that occur over time (about a month in between), and Beau has 2 scenes that happen after the first month and at the end of summer with some tiny little ones in between. I hope you like Emmitt. :D

THESE ARE ONLY PREVIEWS. The stories will continue once I've finished them. You'll eventually get an option in each path to break off the romance, if you want. If you romance someone else, Robin will call them up and break up with them. If you continue your romance with them, all of them will get happy endings (despite what the previews may imply). Again, I just need to finish them first.

Image Image

Also, premium code owners finally get something of substance: a new genre (Electric Rock) and a preview of Xander. You can see his intro if you attempt to add him to the band (you'll get another chance to say yay or nay). His story is written, I just need to go through and add the graphics, music, etc. The tedious part.


To those that were habitually failing a romance route: hopefully this will help! :D A screen will pop up before the AMPs at the end of the game that gives you an option to not continue. This will only appear if you are set to fail your selected romance route. The game will check to see if you've done the bare minimum for your romance every 4 weeks. If you're all set, romance-wise, you won't get a choice. Sorry, but that's how it's meant to be played! Alternatively, you could play your band into infinity if you're willing to see that screen pop up every month. :P


I finally fixed the problem of removing the add button if someone can't be recruited. Now it tells you that they dislike your genre, so hopefully it is more clear.


The gig minigame time is now a bar that depletes, so no more complaining about how the "seconds" are too fast. (I can't make the numbers be actual seconds because the game requires the screen be updated quickly to read your inputs.)

Another cool feature for those that play the timed minigame (I've heard you are out there somewhere) is that low stress band members give you more time! And if you match the clock tiles, you'll get a boost in time as well.

While I fixed a lot of bugs, I also added in a bunch of content so I expect there may be more bugs than before, so let me know.