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0.65 is uploaded!

Image Image

Patch Notes:
- Added Emma
- Added Joel
- Increased game difficulty
- Restored game difficulty option
- Updated the walkthrough RTF file in the game directory
- Fixed Rose's crash
- Fixed Seth's firing bug
- Fixed Firing bug breaking saves
- Fixed commercials not deducting correct amount of money
- Fixed "dating_x" errors in Memorabilia
- Changed the wording of Dallas asking you if you want a ride
- Added a flag that says you already own all equipment at half-million equipment goals
- Added a missing branch when firing Collin while he's romanced
- Rewrote some of Collin's intro
- Unlocked 2 scenes in Collin's path that involve Penny
- Fixed typos

Emma was written by Starling! She's paranoid, she's homeless, and doesn't care what you think! Give her a try! :)

Joel was written by the lovely Alphonse. I had a writer's block with the poor guy, but Alphonse swooped in and took him under her wing. I really love how he turned out.

I also released 2 of Collin's scenes that I forgot to unlock. They involve Penny from Sebastian's storyline. I also rewrote some of his intro. I hadn't read it a long time. When you guys said you didn't like him I was like ??? but then I read his intro and I was like OH WOW. Yeah. That Collin doesn't represent the Collin I had in mind while writing his arc. Some minor changes, but Owen no longer drops out of high school and such. And now there's a separate reaction scene when firing Collin if you romanced him (thanks to Grotty for pointing that out).

Such is the problem with having so much time between starting and finishing these characters. I just re-read Wizz's intro the other day for the first time in a long time and laughed out loud at Robin attempting to argue over the internet. :lol: It's been a while.

The bug that broke your saves after firing someone is FIXED! Hallelujah! The problem was some old code that was calling scenes in a new context. Really shouldn't do that.

And to address the issue with not understanding how to unlock Beau, I've added a hint on that dialogue choice with Dallas. Now it should be clear who you'll end up riding with and hopefully people will naturally choose the character they're going to pursue ...

The Walkthroughs.rtf file now has the Open Mode characters that are released as well.